Sunday, June 5, 2011

icloud, the "cloud" to challenge Google and Amazon, Apple Jobs

SAN FRANCISCO - It seems that on purpose. On the eve of the opening of the WWDC, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, starts Monday, the Bay of San Francisco clouds stretch to no end. From the point of view of the weather does not bode well in the universe but hi-tech glimpse of the contrary are without some very interesting developments.

They are the heart of the ecosystem so-called "post PC" which is increasingly mobile dimension to drive innovation. So now he faces the "cloud" of music that Apple will outline the stage of the Moscone Center. Meeting at 19 Italian, the master of ceremonies will be Steve Jobs, the CEO on sick leave from January 17 that does not want to miss important meetings of his company.

Only software? Unusually in the past - until now Cupertino has always preferred to keep the media on the rope until the last minute - you already know the news of this appointment in June Apple, at least on paper: the most anticipated - because it knows less - is without doubt the icloud service, which would be likely to increase through the iTunes media software (the virtual store music and video to Apple), used by 200 million people worldwide.

She certainly has the name and logo, the rest is a mix of rumors and comments. Parade on the catwalk then the two operating systems coming soon, but that however much we already know: iOS5, the new environment for iPhone and iPad will have very strong integration with Twitter and Facebook, and - apparently - you can upgrade Over The Air, without iTunes, Mac OSX Lion, for the Mac, we talk about an early release to June 14.

For what is seen in the preview for developers, this new environment and it takes her all that is good in the systems of the iPhone and iPad. Among the new Launchpad and the ability to see the full screen application. All software, then, although there are those who bet on the presentation of an iPhone 4s, with evolution of more powerful processor and camera, and an announcement regarding the iPhone 5, since arriving in the fall.

With Jobs on stage there is always something more. The "cloud" in Cupertino. The "cloud" is an online space where you can save your files, whether documents, media, or more, and access them from any device is connected to a network. In some cases there is also the possibility to make streaming music and video so remain where they are and there is no need to download them.

In short, a virtual hard drive where you keep all the media that interest us and which we only have the key. And the keys, and USB, there will less and less. But what Apple has in mind? Certainly put together a package of services where the music is the most important part. Probably for icloud think a grading costs.

From zero to basic services in an annual amount not to exceed $ 25 for full service. So it's credible to have a free storage limit for files and a possible web version of the iWork productivity suite (also recently arrived on the iPad or iPhone) a fee, however, there would be no music. Agreed, but this is not what they do have other services such as Google Music (which lets you put more tracks on the cloud also free from DRM digital lock) and Amazon Cloud Player, and soon it will also thanks to an agreement with Facebook Spotify? Sure, but Apple's strong agreement with the majors, could allow to stream from any device and an annual price of all music content available in the catalogs of multinationals.

Perhaps, some analysts suggested, adding streaming for movies and television programs. And in this we would have a real jukebox. The investment in Apple. The emergence of Apple - the world leader in the sale of digital music - in the field of cloud computing, where one of the competitors are the likes of Google, Amazon and Microsoft, it must have been prepared with care and conviction.

After all how to justify the $ 150 million that Cupertino - according to concordant sources - would have anticipated a total of at most major disc allowing access to their catalogs of music streamed in the new service icloud. com? A domain, the latter to ensure that no expense spared ripped $ 4.5 million.

A beautiful figure, which is nothing compared to one billion dollars which is the constant huge data center in North Carolina. In short, someone in Cupertino has seen clearly the business. All that remains is to understand what are the contours of this cloud Apple, the wait is just a few hours.

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