Monday, June 6, 2011

Attack on Server: Hackers attack Nintendo

First Sony, now Nintendo: The Japanese game console manufacturer has been attacked online. Hacker took from a server of the U.S. division of the company. Personal data are not lost, tells the group. But what was the target of the attack?

First it was revealed that the attacker could gain access to the data of one hundred million members of the Playstation network - including names, addresses and email addresses. Then the group had to admit that out of the hack, Sony Online Entertainment was affected - and a database of credit card data.

In Thursday night, followed the next bad news: The hacker group LulzSec reported an attack on Sony Pictures. com. Via a specially crafted database query to the hackers were allegedly more than one million open records - including the passwords. Some of the data copied LulzSec, they are now in a file in Internet file sharing circulation.

Sony also lost in this way, codes and coupons for music files. Sony was not the only hacker target. been the Japanese games console maker Nintendo reports now online, too recently to be attacked. was affected, therefore, the server of a subsidiary of Nintendo's U.S. division, said a company spokesman.

Someone had procured a few weeks ago inappropriate access to the server, reported the spokesman, without giving further details. Damage was not caused. No personal data or company data had been lost. Who could be behind the attack is still unclear. Perhaps it is also the hacker group LulzSec, which of course even with the slump at Sony Pictures.

com had boasted. LulzSec stands for "Laughing at your security" (laugh about your security) - a variant of "Laughing out loud" (LOL). On the web page of LulzSec since Friday found a file with the alleged web server configuration of Nintendo. Perhaps Nintendo is admitting an attack on the response to this publication.

Nintendo and Sony are competing with each other on the game console market. With the Wii console, which has no high-definition graphics, Nintendo ended up a surprising success. Sony had just with the Playstation 3 as Microsoft with the Xbox 360 all set to HD. The ultra-sharp graphics avid gamer, but not as much as the gesture of the Wii controller.

Sony and Microsoft had to respond to the new Games trend and have now also offered for their consoles in the program to recognize the gestures and even movements of the body as a whole.

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