Monday, June 6, 2011

Apple Unveils New Macs and IOS are on the "Cloud"

SAN FRANCISCO - Starts with "I Feel Good" James Brown of the Worldwide Developer's Conference 2011, and announces the arrival of Steve Jobs on stage at the Moscone Center. A song that perhaps serves to highlight the physical fitness of a number of Apple, which now features new software products relevant to all apple devices from your Mac to IOS.

Jobs is thin, but not much entry at WWDC 5200 attendees heard in silence. The news that Jobs has in Serbia for this event are of less substance and image, but revolutionize the heart of Apple products. OS X Lion. Craig Federighi, responsible for developing Mac OS reaches Jobs on stage. And now we celebrate ten years of Mac OS X, the operating system for Apple computers, the opponent that even if Windows did not meet the same spread, gain market share each year.

After the Snow Leopard version, now comes "Lion", the code name for this update rather substantial. First came the "multitouch gestures", the computer controls how an iPhone or iPad, using the Magic Mouse or Trackpad magic. One more step towards overcoming the traditional interfaces. Federighi shows another innovation, the management of applications in full screen mode, and Mission Control, the evolution of Exposé, a system management applications to make more fluid to achieve the transition from one program to another.

Even Spaces, the system of multiple desktops, has evolved. Now use multiple applications including actions similar to those possible on a tablet, Apple aims clearly a unified user experience, to mark territory and to fund the uniform to the level of perception, the concept of "Apple experience".

In detail, the new "Spaces" is very fluid and can manage their own space in a unique way of working. Applications. On stage at the keynote comes Phil Schiller and the focus shifts on the Mac App Store, which last year became "the largest store of web-based applications." In fact, the choice is vast.

The main innovation in the user interface of Lion is called "Launchpad" and in essence, Apple has responded to the character of the IOS operating system since Mac's intuitive and fast, Launchpad is a step towards the transition to Apple touch the world for computers. The new Lion OsX devotes much attention to the relationship between users and applications: new functions for automatic for all documents, intelligent system for suspension and resumption of work.

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