Monday, June 6, 2011

Deezer limit the free play

The online music site Deezer will be limited to five hours a month listening to music, the group announced, Monday, June 6 With this system, Deezer, which claims 1.2 million subscribers to its offer premium pay, wants to "accelerate the conversion of most active users towards premium offerings. An important development as the site has built its reputation by offering its free, ad-supported.

The music site, which signed a partnership in August 2010, with the operator Orange also announced the launch of a new site using the HTML 5, a new Web standard, and focusing on integration of social networks such as Facebook . SPOTIFY LIMIT ALSO OFFER FREE This is not the first time a music site streaming (streaming) restricts the free offer for surfers.

In April, Spotify, a broadcasting services streamed music the most popular, was also announced significant limitations to its free version to promote its offer subscriptions. Users of the free version of the program can no longer listen to more than five times the same song, and their total playing time per month is capped at ten beyond the first six months of registration.

But this new model proposed by Deezer does not convince Adami, who manages the rights of performers. "Imagine limit listening to the radio a few hours per month. Record sales they would find it doped? "Notes the agency said in a statement (. Pdf)." This strategy will result in the emergence of a global license "private" controlled by record producers, "continues Adami, calling for the establishment of "collective management of music rights on the Internet."

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