Monday, June 6, 2011

Brongniart Palace will host a school devoted to the Internet

The first cohort of the European School of Trades Internet (EEMI) will make his return in September 2011 at Palais Brongniart in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. It is in this symbolic place that the proposed new school was unveiled Monday, June 6, by its three founders: Jacques-Antoine Granjon, CEO of private-Sale.

com, Xavier Niel, head of Free (and an individual shareholder of the World) and Marc Simoncini, Meetic founder. "Each of us had this idea to the back of the head. Without really talking about it. For starting a school is not easy, it's not our job," says Mr. Granjon. Finally, a meeting with Alain Malvoisin, director of Fides, a private school in Paris, will be the catalyst for this initiative.

The three French entrepreneurs of the Net were therefore granted in the summer of 2010, to throw themselves into the adventure. With a goal: to provide training for new professions of the Internet, in an industry where technology evolves at breakneck speed. And provide a solid base of young fans for them to realize their ideas, or even start their own business.

The EEMI will be led by Stephanie Kerdrel. She plans to enroll each year nearly 200 young holders of bachelor's and train them operational in three years. They could then become Webmaster, Webdesigner, Internet Marketers, project manager or production manager. The EEMI boasts also provide education-oriented company.

"From the first year, students must discover what a company," says Granjon, who adds: "If we can do that after three years, 150 to 200 young people find work is won, if ten create their company is fantastic. " The three founders hope, in fact, share their experiences and inspire new vocations.

To create this school, the trio jointly invested 1.5 million euros. He had apparently he fixed the annual cost of tuition 9000 Euros. But the comments on the Net, calling the EEMI of "rich school" led it to reduce this amount to 6500 euros. In addition, fifteen scholarships will be offered and awarded each year.

Former Temple of the Bourse remained to find a place to host this structure. A delicate subject. After considering La Plaine-Saint-Denis is the heart of Paris was imposed. In this case, the Palais Brongniart. The keys of this historic building, a former Temple of the Bourse French, have been assigned by the Mayor of Paris to Lyon company GL Events.

Paid for her to rent space at best, knowing that it pays a fixed fee to the city. In her project, she thought enter the Palais Brongniart in an environment related to new technologies. He is already at the heart of an area called "Silicon Sentier" because of the high concentration of Internet companies it houses.

The home EEMI Brongniart in the enclosure fits into this logic. Just as the arrival in January, a start-up accelerator, called Camping. A place where project leaders are validating their ideas and business plan. The EEMI signed a two-year contract with GL Events by negotiating a special rate for the year of launch.

Still, the EEMI is not the only candidate. Another school, Sup'Internet, scheduled to open in September next to the Kremlin-Bicetre. A project led by the group Ionis, which already has schools specializing in technologies like Epita or Epitech. Article published in the edition of 07.06.11

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