Monday, June 6, 2011

OpenOffice assigned to the Apache Software Foundation

After the breach has arisen between the developers of OpenOffice and Oracle, we have witnessed the birth of LibreOffice, created by developers who have abandoned the development of his older brother and have created The Document Foundation. Now Oracle through a press release said that the OpenOffice project will be transferred to the Apache Software Foundation.

The announcement follows that of a few weeks ago, where in a statement announcing that Oracle OpenOffice. org should be transferred to a reality not only focused on the commercial aspect, but not in the future will be inhibited in private the possibility of cooperation, respecting the conditions laid down by licensing.

TDF expresses its satisfaction with the donation of the code of Apache Software Foundation, as this will continue to integrate all the features and changes in LibreOffice. TDF is absolutely open to talks with the Apache Software Foundation, following the invitation message, the President of ASF Jim Jagielski, for an intensive exchange of contacts between Apache Software Foundation and The Document Foundation in the coming months.

We are all committed to providing corporate and individual users all over the world the best of the free office suite for business productivity and individual. Also soon to be released new version of LibreOffice 3.4.

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