Monday, July 11, 2011

LinkedIn is now number two social networks in the U.S.

The social network LinkedIn, for industrial relations, in June has risen to second place in the sector in the U.S., behind MySpace but ahead of Facebook, according to a ComScore study, published Friday, July 8. In June, LinkedIn has recorded 33.9 million unique visitors. Professional Network is certainly far behind Facebook, but it passes MySpace, with 33.5 million visitors .

MySpace, long on the first segment, has been sold at a price estimated by the American press about thirty million dollars by the media group News Corp., Who had gained weight in gold ( 580 million, or $ 410 million) in 2005. LinkedIn is, however, closely followed by micromessagerie site Twitter, which recorded the fastest growth (13.5%), and now has 30.6 million visitors.

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