Monday, August 22, 2011

The button "I like" of Facebook criticized by the German authorities

A German state has deemed illegal the button "I like" of Facebook, which allows users to indicate their favorite web sites, reports the site The Local, Friday, Aug. 19. Thilo Weichert, an employee of the authority to protect the privacy of Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany, said that the system illegally collecting social network data users.

With this built-in button on many Web sites, Facebook, which claims more than 750 million registered, slightly more than 20 million in Germany, has a mapping of interests of its users.

"Facebook can track every click on a website, how long is it going, what are the interests," says Mr. Weichert, who also notes that the data can be used for advertising purposes.

According to the website The Local, Facebook has rejected criticism of the authority of protection, ensuring that its service was in line with European laws on data protection. Facebook users retain "complete control of their data" denies the social network, in a statement. This is not the first time the authorities to protect the privacy attack a German social network service.

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