Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Duke Nukem", the resurrection of a video game myth

The developers of the game Duke Nukem had announced a new episode of the series ... since 1997. But Duke Nukem Forever is finally released that June 10, 2011, on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Regularly described as "vaporware of the year" ("game ghost") by the magazine Wired, this shooter and action is one of Arles in videogames.

To ward off disaster, the more impatient may even play a demo version of the title, provided you have preordered the game .. Duke Nukem, which features a hero dressed up in sunglasses and a cigar in aftershocks salacious, facing hordes of aliens, is eagerly awaited by her fans. But many problems have permanently undermined the project.

For several years, the studio 3D Realms has raised various technical difficulties explaining the delay of the game, including a change in the graphics engine. The studio closed its doors in May 2009, opening a legal dispute for the rights of the license with publisher Take Two, which owns major licenses like the series of Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

Gearbox is ultimately the studio that took over the project. "If thirty talented designers could not come at the end of the project in ten years, there was not a single problem. If there was one reason the late Duke Nukem Forever, the thirty people could settle. It took us two years, with hundreds of our programmers and our vast resources, in order to finish the game, "said Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox.

According to him," one of the reasons for the delays was the ambition of project and its particular length. "politically correct Shortly After a few minutes, the title seems to live up to expectations. All the ingredients that made the success of shooters in the late 1990s are present in this new version , the arsenal of the hero - or narrowing double rifle rocket launcher ...

- multiplayer modes. All in an environment teeming with modernized but winks at the origins of the series. A modernized version of a game released Fifteen years ago she could make the difference with other shooters, many on the market? Duke Nukem seek to distinguish itself by its quirky and not very politically correct, but also by the length of its mode soloing.

Where most of the major standards propose a campaign lasting less than ten hours, it will double to finish the adventures of Duke, its developers promise. Gearbox is not his first attempt in the shooter. The U.S. studio was first known for his series of war game Brothers in Arms. But Gearbox has also surprised in late 2009, with its cartoony shooter Borderlands.

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