Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stealed 20,000 Internet users from NTECO

The National Institute Comuniación Technologies (INTECO) has reported the theft of their online learning platform of data of 20,000 Internet users, such as names and phone numbers of users that have been published online, as has counted the agency on its website. The Institute is taking, reported by his side  Institute spokesperson, the necessary measures to minimize harm to users of the platform, where the theft was discovered today in the course of actions carried out regularly, in collaboration with security companies and other information centers in response to security incidents.

According to initial investigations, data theft may have affected some of the 20,000 users of the platform and the personal information have been stolen refers to the name, phone number, ID number and email. INTECO has put the incident to the attention of the Brigade of Technological Research of the National Police and is preparing a personal statement alerting affected the potential risks from the incident and how to protect themselves.

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