Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Still problems to Skype connections collapsed for two hours

Just over two weeks and here we go again: Skype has once again gone down, collapsed. Unlike last dellavolta however, the fault has not denied access to their account, has "charmed" the program on "connecting", sometimes allowing the start and then immediately undergo a "crash" (fall). Result: people around the world have not been able to use VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) to call - and write in chat - through the network from late morning to afternoon.

In little more than two hours, but enough to worry about the Internet and infuriating. After the first reports of users, as is normal, the company announced that a "small number" of people were having access problems. Too bad that the "small number" in question encompassed countries around the globe.

Greece, Japan, France, Spain, Australia and so on, with particular impact in Europe. Someone was launched in Conspiracy Theory: "Microsoft does Skype crash to recover consents to Messenger." The new owner of the company created in 2003 by Zennstrom and Friis, beating rivals Google and Facebook, it remains the hardest hit by controversy: it is ironic paraphrasing slogan - "Microsoft - disconnecting people" - or not: "No problem until it is was acquired by Microsoft ...

"" Thank you Microsoft for managing to ruin even Skype, "" Just dropped. It 'obvious that Microsoft is working on the new purchase. " Someone joked about the extent of discomfort, borrows a phrase became the smash television series Sky "Boris": "More than a problem with leopard spots, it seems to me ac *** or dog." At first the network has even thought of a catch specifically bound to Windows, but after a while users are denied: "Here, Linux, same problem." Ditto for Mac However, the resolution of the problem Skype has not yet managed to provide, as had happened in the previous occasion, a guide antidote for its customers.

In the second update of the 16 states that the technicians are working and those who had already "launched" the program in vain, should not need to try to connect manually, but that the operation should be done individually at the end of remedial measures. Only a matter of patience, then, while the discomfort continues to be felt here and there, in fact, "patchy".

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