Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Skype still crashes "We'll be back online soon"

ROME - From his "feed" Twitter, Skype reassures his people: "We have identified the problem, we should be back online in about an hour." But the mind conjures up a short time ago, when the popular communication service Voip stay still for long. And the network is already there who wonders whether Microsoft, which recently acquired Skype for several million dollars, has done a good deal.

Skype is currently unreachable, you can not access the service from many countries. The fault lasted for several hours, and seems primarily focused on Europe, but failures are reported patchy across the globe. Half a world without a voice. In Italy, Skype does not work for now, as it appears in much of Europe.

The website collects reports from anywhere, even if Skype declares that the question riguards a "small number" of pax. But in addition to Europe, complaints come from Japan, Australia, Afghanistan, South Africa, Malaysia and Brazil. It suggests that it might be a small number of users, but scattered around the globe.

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