Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sina.com launches English version of its micromessagerie

The biggest Web portal in China, Sina. com, will launch an English version of its popular website micromessagerie, announced a spokesman of the company town, Tuesday, June 7, the Dow Jones. Micromessages sites are particularly popular with over 450 million Chinese Internet users to communicate and disseminate information in a country where the press is tightly controlled by the state.

Weibo Sina, Sina. com, is the leading Chinese equivalent of Twitter, which is censored in China. According to an official of Sina, he had the end of April more than 140 million registered users and plans to greatly exceed 200 million by the end of the year. This announcement comes just weeks after the IPO on Wall Street, RenRen, Chinese clone of Facebook, in an operation at 743.4 million dollars (498.26 million euros).

In April, the AP news agency also reported that Facebook has signed an agreement with the giant Chinese search engine Baidu, with the aim of creating a new Chinese site from the social network. Also read: Facebook face of Chinese social networks

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