Monday, July 18, 2011

Patents: HTC loses a battle against Apple

Computer group Apple has won a first round in the legal battle that pitted him against HTC. In the first opinion, Friday, July 15, the International Trade Commission in Washington ruled that the firm taïwainaise violated two patents for Apple. Initially, the American accused HTC ten violations of patents in various fields, ranging from user interface with motion sensors on mobile devices.

Group HTC announced that it would appeal. The final opinion of the commission is expected in early December. But if the verdict was upheld, imports of HTC smartphones, using the Android operating system from Google, could be banned in the United States. FALL OF TITLE HTC "It's not the worst case for HTC since it was recognized that they did not infringe on eight patents, however, said Michael On, Taiwanese investor, quoted by Bloomberg.

"The announcement appears, however, already affect the HTC Group, which, in early July, announced a net profit in the first half more than doubled to 32.35 billion Taiwan dollars (about 782 million euros). On Monday, the HTC as the group fell more than 6.5% in Taipei.

At the end of June, Apple filed a complaint against Samsung, new episode of their legal battle around the smartphones and digital tablets.

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