Monday, July 18, 2011

Microsoft's social network is called Tulalip

After Google, Microsoft's turn. Publication involuntary (or so it seems) of a snapshot in socle. com, now retired, has released the first signs of the project. In this web-site, which currently only has one page apology, published a page of a new service that allows venture that is a search engine focused on social networks, basically Twitter and Facebook, which offered a link.

The project is named after a Native American tribe based in the State of Washington, Tulalip. Tulalip Microsoft has said that only a project that has come to the Internet by mistake. But it coincides with the purchase by the company's social dominance. com for about two million euros. Microsoft, unlike Google, has a friendly relationship with Twitter and Facebook, whose real-time results can follow from Bing in the United States, which can not Twitter Google whose contract with for these purposes ended last month and not renewed forcing the browser to ignore these searches in real time.

In the screenshot that was released by mistake said Tulalip allows you to find what you need and share what you know more easily than ever. This news coincides with another episode transcends the war between Facebook and Google +. Although less shows open competition between social networks.

Facebook has banned an ad for an Internet user that you had an account in Google + and encouraged to follow. Michael Lee Johnson believed that the best way to expand their circles in Google would advertise on Facebook. And he did. Your ad will be limited to proposing that the Internet will add to your Google +.

"If you're lucky enough to have a Google Account +, adds Michael Lee Johnson, a fan of Internet application developer, technical virtuoso," he said in the text. Facebook announced the withdrawal of the request without specifying the reasons, Cnet points to several walking conditions for using the social network, but more likely is that provided in the directory of advertisers who may reject an ad for any reason, including the promotion of competing products or that may adversely affect its business or relationship with their users.

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