Monday, July 18, 2011

Server Attack on police computer: hacker arrested

A group called NN-crew had published confidential information about a week of duty in the Internet. These were among other things, movement profiles of the monitoring system of Patras, with the data from the GPS tracking devices are evaluated. The customs data confirmed the leak, the federal police took the Patras-server from the network temporarily and warned all users.

Use data from the Federal Police or the federal Office of Criminal Investigation should not have been affected. The Customs Criminal Office has subsequently reported to the prosecutors in Karlsruhe. Apparently the hacker had access to a download server to the federal police, was deployed to the software for various departments.

This is shown by the documents published there every case. In a release, the hacker boasted about the programs provided through the server "infected immediately" have. The LKA Nordrhein-Westfalen has confirmed a first case now. Next say the hackers, Federal, Federal Police and Customs had "stalled it diligently, the latest version We have a year long sniffing all network traffic in the networks of the BKA, the Federal Police and Customs." - This is a read along the network communication meant.

The data could not be verified first. The "Bild am Sonntag" had made a confidential report by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) reported that computer since 2010 the federal police had been infected with Trojans. But the attack was only discovered earlier this year. The hacker group NN Department has made claims to an encrypted archive e-mails, messages and sensitive data on the Internet.

In the event that one of the leading members of the NN crew should be detained, the group wanted to publish the password for the files. The portal will have received from the NN crew a file from the encrypted collection. It should be a confidential document allegedly from the Federal Police in 2009, entitled: "Measures of the Federal Police in connection with the current threat situation of Islamist terrorism against the background of the general election." On Monday morning the secret code was not immediately released.

The security package, the supposedly encrypted file with other confidential data, the NN crew could urgently needed: in the internet circulates a blog entry in which the alleged leader of hacker group is unmasked. Whether this is indeed a duty of hackers, is unclear. In the Sunday Condensed is to first information to another person.

Whether it's a combination gear between the arrest of the alleged hacker of Patras and the NN crew was not immediately known.

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