Saturday, July 16, 2011

Twitter app for people with disabilities a "chirping" with a breath

 It's called "Bird Breath", the breath of the bird, and is currently only an application for iPad, created by Techfirm, Japanese developer, which also allows the handicapped to use Twitter. The importance of social networks is that even for those who can not use a keyboard, and Breath Bird in particular is dedicated to those who can not use your fingers and has difficulty speaking.

And to use just a breath. How it works. At launch, Breath Bird shows on the left side of Twitter updates, and the right side its interface all its own. When you want to send a message, using an illuminated keyboard on the right side of the screen. The rows of letters on the keyboard are highlighted in an automatic cycle, and the idea of Breath Bird is all about: to write is enough to blow the iPad when the keyboard lights on the string of letters that contains what you need.

Then, light the letters of that particular row, another breath, and behold, the letter appears. Of course, writing messages is a slower process, but now even the handicapped can participate in the activities of social networks. send a free set. The application can be downloaded free from the store.

After a few attempts, the use becomes quite natural. A laudable attempt, and particularly creative, although currently only in English and Japanese. But it is not difficult to use an application, indeed. And possible language difficulties will be less of a problem.

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