Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reda, the good hackers '' that violated Facebook

All your data on Facebook are not safe: to steal, to do good, we thought Agatha, a program created by a young Moroccan - Cherqaoui Reda, 22, a security expert - who was able to identify a flaw in the social networks created by Mark Zuckerberg. Agatha would have full access to the data of more than 80 thousand Facebook users, without the need to discover your username and password.

Reda is a genius of science: just out of high school and enrolled at the faculty of computer science at the University of Casablanca, has created a society that takes care of websites and online security. And over the years has identified problems in sites such as eBay and Hotmail. Today he lives and works in Paris.

Now it happened to Facebook, while not revealing his 'system' - which seems to be based on ability to avoid detection https (secure connection protocol) site - has set up Agatha, a true portal to monitor the social networks.

It was possible to control what went on behind the doors by the defenses of Palo Alto? The answer is sadly yes. Even the name of the site was not chosen at random and is full of suggestions: Agatha is one of the protagonists of Minority Report, the book by Philip K. Dick (and the movie with Tom Cruise) in which the author criticizes a society that wants to control the behavior of individuals even before they occur.

Thanks to its system has collected messages on the bulletin board, video, photos, personal information, messages received and sent tens of thousands of users, but Reda - who calls himself 'white hackers' - has never tried to take advantage of its skill in discover the flaws of the safety systems on the network.

"My only motivation - Reda said - is to educate users of social networks about what they put online," to enhance security and inform the designers of the sites violated.

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