Thursday, July 21, 2011

Google Labs goodby

Google loses one of its most charismatic services, GoogleLabs, testing laboratories open to users. In this space were born some of the most innovative products were launched after a formal way. In a brief statement in one of the blogs of the company specifically how it will change. It can still visit the page but not to play with new programs, but to see how they evolve.

According to Bill Coughran, vice president of the company this service has already fulfilled its mission. "Although we have learned a lot by throwing prototypes Labs, we believe it is crucial to a greater focus on the challenges of the future", published in the blog. One of the services born from this laboratory has been Body interactive Browser, something like a Google Maps of the human body with advanced visualization.

Another, very funny, she's Goggles, used to make searches from images taken by phone. Its function is to scan as close to reality. Today it has become a popular application for iPhone and Android. With this measure, Google gets a bit more serious and put an end to criticism of the imperfect in many of their releases.

In Mountain View this type of minor bugs have been blamed on the almost always get the latest version of 'beta', ie almost complete

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