Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baidu launches its own Web browser

The group of Chinese search engine Baidu launches into the battle of cybernavigateurs. Available in beta for Windows operating systems, the browser interface is very similar to Baidu's Chrome, by Google. The user can, for example, from the home page, download extensions and customize the software. It is also possible to directly access the search engine Baidu, the Web address bar.

But beyond this similarity in the interface Chrome, the new browser also borrows the engine of Internet Explorer. By venturing into the area of Web browsing, Baidu wants to strengthen its presence in the Chinese market. The last census of the Chinese authorities reported 485 million Internet users in the country.

With this service, Baidu may also diversify and seek new growth drivers. Baidu is already almost 76% of search market in China, against 19% for Google, according to Analysys International, a research firm in Beijing. Baidu in China, but will, however, difficult to prevail in the area of Web browsing in China, largely dominated by lnternet Explorer.

According to statistics StatCounter, Microsoft software, ultradominant represents over 86% market share of the country and Chrome, second, is just over 5%. If Baidu arises of the American competitor in the web browsing, it is however not the case in research on the Internet. Baidu announced at the beginning of July had reached an agreement with Microsoft that will allow users to directly obtain the results generated by the English Bing, of American society.

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