Friday, July 8, 2011

YouTube changes its look

Google changes the YouTube interface. Clearly, you love to watch and share videos. While you're watching your favorite videos or new, YouTube is haunted day and night on how the videos are presented. Our team is constantly experimenting with new ways to make your experience is exactly what you're looking for.
The new design is called Cosmic Panda and is in testing phase. The user can choose to try or continue with the usual interface. The main change is a dark area at the top which presents the video. At the bottom right of this window is a series of small rectangles that allow the surfer to choose the size of the viewing screen.

At the bottom of the viewing area there are two tabs to display, below the screen, video or comments related videos. The statistics about the video or the possibility of sharing are located in a middle ground between the screen and the area of comments. To the left of the screen is particularly highlighted a Facebook tab.

A similar aesthetic is applied to the video listings. It also changes the design of channels, where comments and videos related to the right of the screen. These changes occur in the context of other Google has introduced or are underway in the browser interface itself, reducing the logo, and the mail service.

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