Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Copyright: Baidu Signs Agreement with majors in music

The Chinese search engine Baidu announced on Tuesday, July 19, has signed an agreement with three majors of the music industry to fight against piracy. The partnership with Universal Music, Warner Music, Sony Music, meeting within the joint venture One Stop China, Baidu allows first to offer a legal supply from its search engine.

The site will return to tracks in MP3 format, but also to playback stream flow ("streaming"). In total, approximately 500,000 shares should be accessible from Baidu. In return, the Chinese group agrees to pay the beneficiaries, depending on the number of downloads and plays. Access to the service will only be possible for the Internet addresses of the country.

The majors have also pledged to end legal proceedings against Baidu, about the protection of copyright. In February 2008, Universal, Warner and Sony Music had sued for at least 63.5 million yuan (7 million) for violating their intellectual property rights. In January 2010 a Chinese court ruled in favor of Baidu, considering that the Chinese engine links to sites for downloading music were "legal".

China has now 485 million Internet users, according to the latest statistics. More than 360 million of these users listen to music online, according to government figures.

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