Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Google bought the domain name g.co

The group of search engine Google bought, Monday, July 18, the domain g. co, designed to shorten the web addresses of all its services. "We will use g co to send you to web pages belonging to Google, and we are the only pouvoircréer shortcuts in g co," said the vice president of marketing for Google, Gary Briggs, on the group Blog .

"This means we can go on a link shortcut g. co being sure to always land on a page of a product or a service from Google." This new system is complementary to another service, goo. gl, launched in late 2009, which shortens the other Web addresses. Shorter addresses are used in particular on micromessagerie sites, like Twitter, where the text should have a maximum of 140 characters.

According to the specialized site TechCrunch, acquiring a domain name consists of a single letter and the suffix. co cost more than $ 1.5 million (1.06 million euro). Google has not indicated how much he had paid to buy the domain name to the company. Internet co SAS, which manages domain names with the. Co, based in Colombia. This acquisition shows Google's growing interest in domain names. co, increasingly seen as an alternative .com

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