Thursday, July 7, 2011

Most serious hacker attack to the Italian universities

 - The news was given directly to an account on Twitter, LulzStorm, just created: the data of students and professors from various Italian universities are available to all. An avalanche of sensitive data stolen from 18 universities including There are also those of Bologna, Siena, Cagliari, Bari, Pavia, Rome, Turin, Naples, Foggia.

Until the Bocconi University and the Polytechnic of Milan. The file can be downloaded from the Web there are several folders that contain text files where alternate tax codes, e-mails, names, passwords to access the university computer network and telephone numbers taken to students and professors.

"How can you entrust your data to these idiots?" Reads the brief statement attached to the files. "Is this a joke? Their sites are full of weaknesses. Change Password boys changed the concept of security, universities. We could drop much more, we could destroy data and networks. Are you ready for this?"

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