Thursday, July 7, 2011

Google ejects 11 million sites. their bsquedas by spam

Google does not offer search results that lead to sites under the subdomain. because it believes that most of them are used to spread spam (unsolicited bulk email). As Google explains an official of a corporate blog, the company provides shelter domain owner free or low cost that is used for sending spam.

In the second half of last year, phishing attacks detected 4963 (post misleading) from this domain, which is almost twice that detected in any other domain. This subdomain is offered by a Korean company. The said company has 11,383,736 domains registered and more than five and a half million active accounts.

These figures represent a population greater than that used by other domains, for example .org. In a paper in June, Google explains that to protect its users recently changed their scanning systems to identify malicious programs subdomains with lots of volume with abusive practices. "In some severe cases our systems can block the entire domain." The top-level domain.

cc belongs to Cocos Islands a small territory in the Indian Ocean. Sites .cc are not affected by the measure of Google. The search engine has a service that presents on a map the places from where the source was detected spam. In its policy to refine searches and providing relevant results, Google announced earlier this year a reform in their algorithm to penalize sites that have copied or irrelevant content.

Previously, with the aim of achieving a "healthy web ecosystem," Google introduced its Chrome browser a tool that allows the surfer to block a site that has appeared in the search engine results seem irrelevant and not to reappear in future searches.

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