Monday, July 25, 2011

Chinese police close two Apple fake stores

It looks like an Apple store, the color - white - an Apple store and the apple logo is everywhere, yet it is not an Apple store. The authorities of the city of Kunming, in southern China, closed two stores posing as official distributors of U.S. computer manufacturer, but that operated without direct relationship with the company.

China produces large quantities of counterfeit iPhone and Apple iPad, but these false shops, flushed by an American expatriate, sold many authentic products. Vendors working in the shop were convinced that they worked well for Apple. Upon investigation, police tracked down five similar stores, operating without license from the U.S. manufacturer.

Two were closed directly because they had no authorization to operate a business. Interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, the manager of a store still in business says sell only Apple products to prices charged by the brand, and he is confident in the fact that his store will eventually become an official distributor.

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