Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Google's real-time search is no longer available

Google Real Time Search is the  offline - perhaps because the company has with its new network Google + other plans. What is happening with Google's real-time search with the latest news from some twenty social media, especially Twitter could be searched? Since the weekend visitors will see only a 404 error message: This page does not exist.

The Search Engine Blog Search Engine Land has a plausible explanation: On 2 July ran out a two-year contract between Twitter and Google, which enabled the search engines to access the Twitter archive, both companies confirmed the Search Engine Land Contract. Without the relevant Twitter messages - it was Google's real-time search in particular - but not much good for Google Real Time.

The approximately 16 other real-time news sources are more Internet-border phenomena. How convenient, however, that Google just opened itself a social network that also offers an intelligent flow of real-time news and "viral" content. These "Sparks" feature of Google + collects status messages, news media and viral content from the social cloud around a particular member around one and builds it into a stream of messages from - in theory - interesting and relevant messages.

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