Monday, July 4, 2011

Microsoft collaborates with Chinese search engine Baidu

The major Chinese search engine, Baidu, has reached an agreement with Microsoft to provide search for English to Chinese Internet users from its own service, according to The New York Times. Baidu has reinforced its leadership in the local market after Google abandoned him after a conflict in fact motivated by censorship and insecurity.

Google opened a Chinese version of its search engine in Hong Kong where Chinese can come as the domestic version of the same is subject to censorship by the authorities. The agreement with Microsoft will also benefit your search engine visibility Bing in that country. The agreement, according to local analysts, the more difficult the business of Google search engine in China.

Baidu has 76% of searches. Google's relationship with the Chinese Government are strained. A few weeks ago, the Communist Party newspaper accused the company of being "a political tool for vilifying" the Government of China. The article says that Google's accusations involving China in cyber attacks suffered by the company are spurious, arguing "evil intentions".

Microsoft has remained outside the conflict. The deal would be the second that supports the company's competing browser after the pact with Yahoo.

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