Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The turnover of Amazon is growing by over 50%

Amazon, the world leader in sales of cultural products on the Internet, said Tuesday profit down but revenues up sharply for the second quarter, exceeding analysts' expectations. The turnover of the group jumped 51%, while earnings per share fell from 45 to 41 cents, due to large investments made by Amazon.

After the announcement of these results, the work Amazon has gained 6% in stock. For the company CEO, Jeff Bezos, the strong increase in sales is linked to "low prices, the increase in supply and innovation" of its site. Amazon created this year 15 new distribution centers. According to the American giant, this growth should continue this year.

United States, the establishment of centers of Amazon is the subject of a battle between several states and the Web giant, which it chooses not to pay certain taxes due to the nature of cloud service. As usual, Amazon declined to disclose the number of Kindle reading lights sold in the quarter, merely stating that sales were up from the first quarter.

For months, rumors point to the possible launch of a tablet by Amazon different, closer to the Apple iPad. The company declined to confirm or refute these speculations.

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