Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Google "global" strategy to force Google +

A week after the launch of the Google social network +, the giant search engine has launched several initiatives to impose its service. Google wants to make the first Google + public profiles, reports the specialized site Search Engine Land, Tuesday, July 5. As of July 31, the user can no longer keep his Google private profile, now fully integrated with Google +, and will reveal at least the name and first name.

Google has begun a graphic redesign, to unify the style of its various services. According to Mashable, the Mountain View firm would also bring more Google branded services company, such as Picasa and Blogger. BATTLE OF DATA "This effort of unification will be the largest undertaken in the history of the company," the specialized site, adding that this should occur within six weeks.

The service of photographs online Picasa could well be renamed "Google Photos" and Blogger should become "Google Blogs". Google declined to comment. But beyond the battle of the brands, social networks have already engaged in a showdown for user data. The use of the Facebook Friend Export extension, available since the Google Chrome browser, and to export the contacts from Facebook on a different platform has experienced significant growth since the release of Google +.

But Facebook has decided to block the extension. Since late last year Google and Facebook are fighting access to the contacts of their users.

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