Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Copyright Complaints: YouTube Lady Gaga resumes

That was fast: The official YouTube channel of Lady Gaga is available again. YouTube had disabled the video range of international stars before, a company had complained of copyright infringement. Now the French company called a misunderstanding. Lady Gaga must show the world again on YouTube videos.

On Wednesday morning, appeared on the official YouTube page, Lady Gaga, only the following error message: "The YouTube account was terminated ladygagaofficial, because we have received from third parties more notifications of copyright infringement." As the complainant, the French production company led Air Production.

A representative of the French television production company confirmed Air Production that the company had filed a complaint of copyright infringement on YouTube. This happens automatically when users upload clips from television broadcasts of the company. In the fall of Lady Gaga, it went well for the recording of a performance artist in the French TV show Taratata.

This clip seems to have been published in Lady Gaga's official YouTube channel, triggering the automated copyright complaint. The company's representatives called this process a misconception that one is in conversation with Lady Gaga's management and YouTube, and have put the matter to clear YouTube.

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