Wednesday, July 20, 2011

PayPal attack: hackers arrested

The U.S. federal police (FBI) announced, Tuesday, July 19, that its investigation of the hacker group Anonymous had led to arrest six persons in the United States. The British and Dutch police have arrested five other "pirates". According to the FBI and the Department of Justice, they are retained by the police "on charges related to their alleged involvement in a cyber attack against the website PayPal (eBay group) as part of an operation claimed by the group Anonymous.

"On the other side of the Atlantic, the British police of the Metropolitan Police and their Dutch counterparts were arrested on Tuesday also four "for computer crimes" related to the case. These are almost exclusively men, aged 20 to 42 years, who were given nicknames imaged "Anthrophobic", "Toxic", "No," "Reaper" ...

They are accused of participating in denial of service (by saturating the servers of a web site) against the online payment site PayPal between 6 and 10 December 2010. This was according to the authorities of "retaliation" after PayPal closed the account to make donations to the Wikileaks site, which specializes in the dissemination of information classified as secret or confidential.

In addition, another young man of 21, Scott Arciszewski, is accused of illegally accessed June 21 at a site based in Florida InfraGard organization, working with the FBI. He appeared before a federal court in Orlando (Florida), the FBI statement said. Finally, Lance Moore (21) was arrested in Las Cruces (New Mexico, Southwest) for publishing confidential information of the telephone company AT & T.

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