Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Microsoft asks for help against spam

Wanted. Microsoft offers $ 250,000 for information that facilitates the capture of the creators of Rustock. The reward is offered months after the dismantling of the core servers of the botnet (network of zombie computers to remote commands from the same owner) called Rustock. Microsoft has published advertisements in the Russian press, since it is believed that the authors live in that country.

Boscovic, head of digital crimes unit of the company, writes in a blog that the first objective was technically stop botnet activity cited by the threat posed, but Microsoft continues its action because it believes that those responsible for their existence must pay for the crime committed.

"Rustock was a remarkable giant of spam and the ability to send 30,000 million spam emails every day. He was responsible for other crimes such as forgery and violation advertising of brands," he explains. Although the number of computers infected by Rustock has dropped by half, the company believes there is still a tremendous amount of hurt.

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