Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Apple offers its new operating system only on Internet

One day after posting the best economic results of history Apple's new operating system will be available for download, but not in stores. For the first time you can not buy a box with a disc to update your computer. Will only be available throughout the day, through its online software store. That is, much like the upgrade and purchase applications for iPhone and iPhone, but from the desktop.

First, it offers a great visual change in the wake of the iPhone launch and application icons whose nest is very similar. Launchpad is the name given to the application manager, something like a folder that displays all interactive programs. Second, each pixel is best used on the desktop.

Asked to open a full-screen program ignores the rest of the interface and the program in question takes up all available space. An option that helps you focus on a specific task. Another idea borrowed from use in mobile applications is that, once closed, remain untouched. That is, if you open a word processor, turns to the document that was, at the same point with the same options without having to continually keep the final steps.

Mission Control will help at a glance, see all the processes that the computer is in use. Finally, the mail program, Mail, via. To blend, organizes incoming messages and read them in two columns, again, reminiscent of the iPhone application. Apple has not officially announced the launch of its new computers lighter line, the MacBook Air 11 and 13 inches.

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