Sunday, July 24, 2011

Apple TV also wants to live in the auction for Hulu

 If there is something that was missing was the Apple TV. Hence the company founded by Steve Jobs is planning to solve the problem by buying Hulu, the streaming site (legal) that revolutionized - with Netflix - the lives of viewers in the United States, the only country where it is available.

Hulu is the paradigm of the TV on demand: his motto is 'anywhere, anytime'. Just a PC and an internet connection to have a small screen in his own image and likeness. The user to power, choose the program or movie and suffers a bit 'of advertising and some limitations (five episodes last week, but free access to the entire archive).

Anyone who wants can also subscribe, at $ 7.99 a month, if you want to have unlimited access and also use mobile phones and tablet. Founded in 2007, is a joint venture between three major U.S. networks (NBC, ABC and Fox) and was the first site to offer streaming, legally and free of charge to users.

Hulu is that of a system whose revenues are based largely on advertising, but in recent times has suffered enormously competition from Netflix, the other major player in this market. Netflix was founded as a home to rent VHS and DVD, but when he started betting on the stream has challenged the company of Jason Kilar.

Then came the difficulties, the loss of attractiveness on the market and even distorting plans: in January there was a project to turn Hulu even in the company of cable services. Then the decision to put it on sale at the modest price of two billion dollars. And here, among others, Apple comes into play.

Hulu, which could buy with pocket money, since in his last budget, the Cupertino company said liquidity for more than 76 billion. To announce the company's interest in Steve Jobs is the Wall Street Journal: "Apple is planning to bid in the auction for Hulu," the newspaper said. And to make the purchase more attractive - given the obvious difficulties of the site in front of Netflix and the recent launch of a similar service from Amazon - the three networks NBC, Fox and ABC offer an extension of the agreements for the next five years , of which the first two exclusive.

Apple for a service like Hulu would be the icing on the cake, the perfect addition to the sale of movies, music and TV series on iTunes. Jobs can not help but be intrigued by the idea of offering users a double opportunity: buy on iTunes, you streaming on Hulu. Anything goes, so users end up more money into the coffers of Cupertino.

But the auction is still open and inside there are almost all the big names. Except that Microsoft has pulled back a few days ago. Singapore is interested, but wants an extension of the agreements for five years exclusively. Amazon has just launched its own streaming service, but experts could participate in the auction.

And then there's the ubiquitous Google, which has its Google TV, but maybe in Mountain View are thinking of buying Hulu to lead the revolution of YouTube, announced by the end of the year.

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