Wednesday, August 10, 2011

200,000 BitTorrent users pursued in the U.S.

TorrentFreak has taken account of the activity of the owners of rights against Internet users who use P2P file sharing systems, particularly BitTorrent. According to their numbers, about 200,000 users have complaints from copyright owners who claim the alleged breach of same by internet users. The estimated half said that each week a dozen open cases and the courts are saturated with demands.

The plaintiffs seek a solution themselves out of court and used to provide an agreement for an amount of money, which is around half the $ 2,500 in exchange for the surfer saves on the cost of defending himself in court and risk a fine which may exceed hundred thousand dollars.

The few cases that reach the courts and trials does not mean that all Internet users accept guilt but that the applicants themselves are not certain to prove its case at the trial and seek economic pact. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has expressed concern that the judicial complaint is used as a method of indiscriminate threat to those found guilty go to court pact.

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