Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Facebook launched a messaging application for mobile

The social networking site Facebook has launched Tuesday, August 9, a new application for smartphones, for sending messages to his "friends" on social networking, but also to other contacts. Called "Messenger", the application can send both text messages (SMS) and email. "Messenger is an extension of" Facebook messages, "to find all the conversations.

Whether you are on your phone or on the Web, you can view the entire history of your messages," says the social network's official blog . This application is available on mobile devices from Apple, and those equipped with the Android operating system from Google, is separate from the official social network application.

Messenger, which also share photos and use geolocation, is not yet available in France. With this service, Facebook wants to position itself against competitors like the Canadian Research in Motion, which offers BlackBerry Messenger or Apple and its system IMessage. The mobile version of the Google social network + also has instant messaging capabilities.

Facebook, which claims 750 million registered designs more and more mobile devices as sources of growth. In March, Facebook had over the company Beluga, which specializes in mobile messaging. But Facebook is not the smartphone market. Since the beginning of July, the social network offers a variation of the network, compatible with 2500 different models of mobile phones.

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