Friday, May 27, 2011

PayPal blasts Google Wallet

They have not spent even 24 hours Release of Google Wallet service companies have already begun strategic attacks. It is now up for PayPal has launched a lawsuit against Google and two of its employees. The famous franchise of eBay's online payment has initiated a criminal case against Google, Osama Bedier and Stephanie Tilenius, both former employees of PayPal, for breaking the confidentiality clause in employment contract.

Bedier was used PayPal for over 9 years even served as vice president of mobile payment platform until January when he was hired by Google. For its part Tilenius worked for eBay from 2001 to 2009, then worked as a consultant for the company until he joined Google in February this year. PayPal as both employees have violated the confidentiality agreement the company work and awards them a charge of "misappropriation of trade secrets." The cause has already been initiated, now only remains to await the development of the trial.

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