Friday, May 27, 2011

Skype publishes an update

Skype has released an update for its Windows program that solves the fault detected yesterday. The problem is worldwide but does not affect all service users. "yesterday some users had problems logging into Skype. To fix we give you some instructions, but we understand that for some could be too technical.

So we've worked hard to create a version for Skype Windows solves this problem automatically. If you use Skype for Windows, and have had problems going to Skype, please upgrade to the latest version of Skype. We plan to make an update to Skype for Mac tomorrow. " The complaints started in Twitter.

Skype trying to enter the platform via Internet videoconferencing, some users see how the service refused registration. Passed directly to blame Microsoft, the company that bought the service two weeks ago. However, the blog of the company not only clarified that there is no connection between both facts, but manual provided a solution to connect.

In late 2010, the service also suffered a few falls. As compensation, Skype gave users affected vouchers minute calls.

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