Friday, May 27, 2011

Sony working on PlayStation 4

Today we have confirmed that all lovers of the game we had very clear, Sony is working on a new generation of PlayStation. Rumors of draft PlayStation 4 was different but for the first time the Japanese giant has made official the matter. The reasons for Sony to make the announcement at this time are many.

On one side is an excellent strategy to divert attention from the strong disadvantages for those who have gone through the PlayStation Network. The other is the obvious counterpart to the announcement of Microsoft and Nintendo already preparing their next generation consoles. PlayStation is currently the leader in console table, but the advantage is not absolute and can not give the company margins.

With the delay of NPM has already lost a great opportunity to go back in the handheld market, Nintendo 3DS is clear that it is equally or more successful than its predecessor. Yet clearly the announcement came as a way to calm the waters and still be long before we see some information on this issue.

The truth is that in 2013-2015 will be years of great changes in the world of videogames.

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