Friday, May 27, 2011

Logitech commitment to physical keyboards

I've always felt that this is a bit silly of physical keyboards for the tablets, the user is interested in using a keyboard is clearly going to opt for a laptop and not a tablet when you invest your money. Despite this, in my taste, it seems obvious accessory manufacturers such as Logitech gadgets continue to announce new style accessories.

This time there are two new models of the manufacturer and referred baptized Tablet Logitech Keyboard Logitech Keyboard and Case. Both are short travel keyboards, very light and easy to put in the tablets. Although technically speaking are different models that are equal with respect to technology.

The difference is that the Logitech Keyboard Case is specially designed for Apple iPad, while the Logitech Keyboard Tablet fits any model tablet. Both models of keyboards are available for sale here in Spain as of next June, so if you must pay 99 euros if you want yours.

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