Monday, June 13, 2011

Apple Ssued by the use of the mark icloud

An Arizona company, icloud Communications, has sued Apple for using the mark icloud. The signing of Phoenix, a provider of IP voice (via Internet), argues that the name caused confusion over competing products. In the text of the application, said Apple's offer to icloud is similar to the competitors and make the applicant itself through icloud Marks since 2005.

"However, due to the global coverage generated by the announcement of Apple and its services icloud and saturation advertising campaign by Apple, the media and the public have been associated with Apple icloud brand." The company requests an unspecified amount of money and that Apple cease using the term icloud.

Apple has invested 4.5 million dollars to buy this year, by a Nordic company, the domain icloud. com The text points out that Apple has had several disputes about trademarks. The best known was on the company name that is identical to the Editor of The Beatles and, after several disagreements, ended in a deal.

He also had to reach an agreement with Cisco for use by both companies, the trademark iPhone. The dispute is more alive than Apple is about the term AppStrore. Apple App Store is considered a mark to denote its App Store and has filed a lawsuit in a California court to keep the store open applications in the U.S. by Amazon carry this name. Apple believes this is a brand name and its use by Amazon confuses consumers. " The Amazon store is called AppStore for Android. The lawsuit arose after Amazon opened a portal for applications developers could prepare for his shop, a place he calls Amazon Store App Developer Portal.

There is an unprecedented dispute. Apple and Microsoft's battle for the trademark use App Store by the company Steve Jobs. Microsoft raised in January to the authorities governing patents that Apple could not use this term because it is a generic concept that gives Apple a secondary use.

Apple contends that Microsoft itself uses generic terms to christen their products and recalls his use of "Windows" (windows), a word that has spent years identifying your operating system. Could also be considered a generic. Microsoft had argued that the very pattern of the company, Jobs has sometimes used the expression "app store" to refer to the application stores that have opened their competitors.

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