Monday, June 13, 2011

Facebook losing momentum in the U.S.?

Facebook's growth is continuing at a global level, but the social network seems stalled in some countries like the United States, says a report published Sunday, June 12 According to the website Inside Facebook Gold, which conducts monthly surveys, social networking, co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg, will soon reach the 700 million active users.

In early June, Inside Facebook accounted 687 million, against 675 million a month earlier. Based on the demand for online advertising on social networks, social enterprise Bakers consider it more than 698 million in Tech News Buzz. There are less than a year, the social network for its part claimed to have surpassed the 500 million registered.

Despite this continuous annual growth, Inside Facebook, however, a changing country motors. "Most new users are from countries that are relatively behind in the adoption of Facebook," the statement said. Countries like India and Brazil have for example 2 million subscribers in just one additional month.

But the study also shows that countries that were early adopters of social networking are now losing visitors. In late May, the United States, the most represented country on the social network, had 149.4 million active users, at the beginning of the month they were 155, 2000000. Canada is also losing 1.52 million users, while the "United Kingdom, Norway and Russia have lost more than 100,000 people," according to Inside Facebook.

SOON 1 BILLION OF REGISTERED? Social Bakers also found these declines between May and June. Depending on the specific site, the U.S. lost 4.8 million users a month, Canada 1.3 million, and 34 000 for the United Kingdom. France, for its part maintains a good pace of growth, with more than 605,000 new subscribers, bringing total customers to 22.6 million.

This downward trend sustainable is among the first countries that have used Facebook? In Inside Facebook, several parameters might explain this change monthly, and it will really decide in the coming months. The study authors note, however, that once reached the level of 50% enrolled in a given country, "growth slows down, usually to stop".

In June 2010, Mark Zuckerbergd├ęclarait that the social network had a "good chance" of reaching 1 billion users.

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