Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Motorola announces "Xoom" his first tablet

Motorola could not stay away from the world of the tablets and has exploited the Superbowl, how could it be otherwise, to launch its first version of a tablet. He has done a massive and it seeks to overthrow the leader of Apple, who will compete side by side, the precious Ipad. The announcement of this new tablet, was inspired by the book "1984" by Orwell.

Following the aim of pooling the experiences of men throughout history and its attempt to collect data, Motorola has been placed in the middle of the media battle to know what is the best tablet. Both Apple and Samsung iPad with your Galaxy come into this new marketing strategy a serious blow to its sales.

Meanwhile, what is known of the new Motorola device is very little: his name, "Xoom" and its price, which will be about 800 euros. It will also have operating system Android. We can only wait until next February 24 when it goes on sale, and to have the so named "Xoom" in our power. For now, Motorola's goal is to sell about 800,000 units next spring, did you succeed?

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