Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stephen Elop prepares its workers: "Nokia is a burning platform"

This Friday we have an appointment with the Finnish giant Nokia to tell us something important. Stephen Elop is expected to announce substantial changes in the future strategy of Nokia, and the possibility of a rival operating system does not seem so remote. The new CEO of the company has described the situation of the company in a statement to all staff (on the internal blog), which can be summarized in one sentence: "We are on a burning platform and we must decide whether to jump into the water" .

We have no official confirmation from Nokia's statement because it is a filtration Engadet people, and we contacted the company to inform us of the veracity of the document. As we clarify the fact, it seemed interesting to share with you the various points about the document. It is a fact that Nokia has done much harm to competition from iPhone and Android, and are even fearful of losing ground in the low range from companies like Samsung.

We can interpret the document as a warning to workers to prepare for major changes and needed to slow the loss of market share. The burning platform title is not something that I've taken from the manga, is the way Stephen has described the situation of Nokia, with no choice but to jump into the void to escape certain death.

Somewhat catastrophic, but it helps to put workers in a situation: Waiting for confirmation from Nokia, the interpretation most important thing we do is that they will use an operating system (with ecosystem) already on the market, Windows 7 seems to Phone be the option with the most votes.

Anyway, Stephen Elop wants changes in the company on many levels. Vía | Engadget.

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