Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"No to Facebook for my daughters," Michelle Obama ban the social web

Washington - Michelle Mom says no to social networking sites. For Sasha and Malia Obama's life at the White House not only provides some unavoidable restrictions for safety reasons, but those taxes to the two "first daughters" choice for purely educational. Among them, the obligation not to Facebook.

He revealed his own First Lady in the interview granted to the TV show 'Today Show' on MSNBC. "I'm not a big supporter of the fact that Facebook is made available to children," said Michelle Obama. However in the case of Sasha and Malia, 9 and 12 years respectively, Facebook is not something that they feel the need.

" We never subscribe to Facebook after their experience at the White House is over? "It depends on when we leave and what will be grown," said Michelle Obama.

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