Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gift ideas for Valentine's Day: Give bytes

Every time there are fewer days to Valentine's Day, this event where, if you give something you risk looking like a tacky, but gives nothing is worse. This time, our proposals go a little beyond the simple gadgets. Do not they say that love is ethereal and intangible? Well, what better to give away things that do not exist in the physical world, but in the virtual.

Here we offer a list of online services to make your partner enjoy the bytes that, unlike the chocolates, they are useful and not fattening. We begin our list with a classic: Spotify. The Swedish service is free streaming music, but many, myself included, are willing to pay anything for this to stop listening to ads from Melendi.

In addition, the Premium version of the program allows access to its vast music library from any phone connected, which gives a lot of play. On account of Valentine in Spotify have enabled several subscriptions that can treat yourself with a personalized message that our love will receive an e-mail with an electronic card with a design quite acceptable given the holiday.

We can choose between membership of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months at prices ranging from 10 to 120 euros. It is even possible to attach a playlist of songs that we feel more romantic. Our second proposal is also musical, but it has other uses. We refer, of course, gift cards to iTunes. Both Apple's online store, and their delegations in the real world sell prepaid credit cards 15, 25, 50 and 100 euros.

If your partner is the compulsively downloading applications on your iPhone or are someone who buys a lot of music for your iPod, you can have it happily for months. If you become a full prepayment of loans 50 or 100 euros, the gift is also a pathological liar touch. Apple sells commemorative versions of the cards with images of The Beatles.

We left the musical gifts and move on to the literary with eBooks. Although this market is still very green, there are some interesting options to fill masterpieces and novels pocket e-Reader or tablet of our half. In a matter of eBooks not going to get to recommend functional and Libranda spawn.

If you want to give away e-books for Valentine's Day, the best place to go, price and service, it would be Amazon. Of course, the device must be a Kindle or e-Reader compatible with its proprietary file format, which usually requires additional software, as in the iPad. Amazon out of the world, we can go to an online library as La Casa del Libro or FNAC.

The latter site explains in great detail how to buy and download books, not to say that is one of the best price that offers EUR 12 per book. Typically, the books we buy are under DRM ePub format of Adobe Digital Editions. If the destination e-Reader has no connection to download books directly to your computer for transfer to install Adobe software on your PC, download e-books that we bought and transfer them via USB.

The process is as archaic as the mentality of the booksellers to the eBook, but I'm sure our family would also appreciate the effort. Fnac Every book is licensed to lend it to 5 people. And from books to video games. The game-related online services are numerous. In the PC can be gift subscriptions online massive multiplayer games, although we're not quite sure if this is something very beneficial for relationships.

To do this you only have to dig a little to what degree is flawed (or wants to invalidate) our significant other gamers and rummage through the game's official website. Of course, much service you have, do not recommend giving away subscriptions to World of Warcraft after midnight unless juguéis together.

In consoles, the concept is platforms. In any game store you have cards online subscription services. The PlayStation Network is prepaid and cost 20 or 50 euros, while the Xbox Live subscription costs 60 euros and 20 0 can access the online gaming platform Xbox for three months or a year.

2,000 points cards for Wii, with which you can buy games and content online, cost about 25 euros. We close this special gift with video bytes. The truth is that we would like to say that there is streaming video services (fee) decent in Spain, but the picture is so fragmented and poor it all depends on how you use your technology partner, and what kind of access services.

Samsung Apple TV or Movies are two options, but it depends on your partner has the appropriate device. If you do not just seen the subject of giving clear streaming video, another option is giving away Premium subscriptions to services that regularly use your sweetie. Gift 50GB Dropbox for a year (99 dollars) may seem unromantic, but lacks originality, and less useful.

I hope this post serves, at least, to give back to Valentine's Day gift without going through the usual topics of chocolates, flowers and greeting cards that more than one of them may seem grounds for divorce, and rightly so.

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