Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NVidia GTX 550 Ti, decent low-cost power

We had not forgotten about the new NVidia GTX 550 Ti. The new NVidia graphics card comes to meet the needs of all those who are looking for an affordable but decent performance. Is the new model under the current family of 500 Series, behind the excellent Ti GeForce GTX 560. Includes GPUGF116 clocked at 900 MHz and 1 GB of GDDR5 memory capable of delivering about 690 GFLOPS, approximately, a figure significantly to the 560 Ti than doubled, reaching about 1,265.

The TDP is quite low, 116 watts, and requires a power connector 6-pin. The NVidia GTX 550 Ti is a mid-range graphics designed for those who want something decent, but under a tight budget and its price stood at $ 150. Personally I feel much better the 560 Ti, but it is also true that it costs about 100 euros more and we can say that compete in different leagues.

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