Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Microsoft patents a system to spy on Skype

Legal Intercept Microsoft has patented a technology that allows you to intercept and monitor a legal way voice and video calls to Skype, a service acquired in May. The technology is intended to expand the possibilities for monitoring and recording conversations online criminal.

As reported in PC World, Microsoft describes it as a tool similar to telecommunications companies that used to meet government requirements for safety. Skype goes this way to enter the CALEA-Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, which makes business communication technologies can be controlled, provided for security and status.

Despite the end of Legal Intercept explained that the Redmond giant, the patent has generated fear among the Internet in privacy, as seen in various blogs and forums, and Twitter, where numerous alarm messages. Microsoft spent 5920 billion euros (8,500 billion) to buy Skype, a telephony system on the Internet so popular (about 600 million registered users, 124 million active customers per month, although only 10% down payment) as deficit (five million euros last year).

On several occasions, operators have been blamed for alleged Internet traffic penalty of Skype, a service between free or very cheap.

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