Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cisco adds itself to tablets

Cisco, the giant video network infrastructure and hopes to win over companies with Cius its seven-inch tablet. The Californian company is committed to a device whose sale begins in early July but not distributed until the end of the month.

Cisco Cius not anchored to any operator arrives, and offers both Wi-Fi and 3G. What sets this tablet from its competitors is the integration that makes the business environment.

Both the internal memory, 32 gigs, including the extension card are pros. The connectivity complete with USB port, Bluetooth and HDMI output for connecting to a TV or monitor.

Another strong point is desktop virtualization. Since the device can access the programs that are at work in the same environment and so do without the laptop. Those responsible for systems companies can decide what applications and AppHQ Android Market, its own software store created for this tablet.

The battery promises between 8 and 10 hours of use, weighs 520 grams and runs on the same processor as most netbooks, the Atom from Intel.

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